Now, I don't any software completed and released yet - wait don't leave, I can tell you about all of the things that I may make in the future if you... (okay yeah, you can leave)

The main reason why I don't have any software availableis cause I've only made stuff for my coursework, so it all looks horrible and doesn't have much usability.

Functionally, those programs do work tho, and I programmed this entire website, so that's worth something right?

Of course that means that everything is currently work in progress for this page, however when I do complete any projects with some UI, they'll be released on

The projects I plan on doing at this point are a short Sci-Fi RPG, and a first-person puzzle game, though that's subject to change.

Commissions for software and web development are limited, however if you'd like to, you can commission me to develop something for you.